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Tree Pruning & Preservation

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Have Stronger, Healthier Trees with Professional Pruning and Cabling Services

Tree care is our job and our passion!

Tree pruning and trimming services are essential to any tree care program, no matter what type of property the trees are on. In order to sustain a tree’s health, preservation is critical to stimulating growth and retaining the tree’s natural appearance, as well as enhancing the beauty of your landscape. It’s a science, but it’s also an art form. Yankee Tree professionals have complete understanding of tree biology, and skillfully perform the pruning or trimming without causing damage to the tree in the future. Proper pruning will keep your trees healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Tree cabling is a very valuable service in mitigating the potential for structural failure in trees.  Trees with “V-shaped” crotches exhibiting “included bark” benefit greatly from cabling the two sides together.  This is done way up in the canopy, leader to leader.  Also long, heavy lateral branches can be cabled to help reduce the chances of structural failure during wind, snow, or ice load.  We only use the most robust and long-lasting cabling materials in our client’s trees and we source these products only from an arborist supply company. Tree cabling is like seat belts for your trees, there if you need them; they could save a tree’s life, as well as protect property and people below (cables are very beneficial but not guaranteed and require periodic inspection).

When should you call a professional tree care service?

There are many benefits of pruning, and often a professional service is the best option!

The Precision, Care and Respect at Yankee Tree, LLC have mastered the craft of tree pruning–we’ve been working in tree care for over 30 years. We are expertly familiar with New England trees and the particular species that are found in these areas. Caring for trees and improving the health of trees and shrubs is truly our passion, and we’re dedicated to fully enhancing your landscape.

There are valuable benefits to having Yankee Tree perform these pruning and preservation services for you. If you have a tree which is too close to power lines or is hanging over utility lines, we have the equipment and proper safety measures to handle those issues. Additionally, if you have trees touching your home or another building, a professional should take care of these for you in order to avoid damage. Dead or unsightly loose hanging branches also have the potential to be hazardous, and we have the experience to safely remove them.

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Benefits of Pruning by Yankee Tree Professionals

  • Licensed Tree Care Experts
  • Dangerous tree limbs are handled and removed safely
  • Trees touching utility lines or houses can be trimmed safely with no damage to other structures
  • Our crew has over 75 years of combined experience
  • Add curb appeal with ornamental or aesthetic shaping
  • We evaluate your entire landscape for any potential tree hazards
  • No lawn damage! Our equipment is lightweight and on wide flotation tires to avoid lawn or turf damage.

  • Attention to detail: we do precise and thorough work

  • Fully Licensed & Insured for Tree Care and Tree Removal

Tree Pruning & Preservation Projects

We've done work for golf courses, cemeteries, towns and residences.

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Customer Testimonials

This is a group of professionals. Both the boss and the men are prompt, thorough, do what they said they would, and know their trees – for which they give very sound advice if you ask for it. They have a very good local reputation, and are proud of it. Pricing is very fair.

Mary W.

I have used Yankee Tree several times over many years. Jon and his crew do a great job. They do what you ask and leave the job site clean. I highly recommend them!

Tony D.

Excellent service (a tree removal), excellent clean-up, work done when promised, pleasant and professional owner and workers, knowledgeable. First-rate on all fronts.

John N.

Yankee Tree is an excellent and caring tree company. Jon the owner employs pleasant reliable and competent workers. We have had many opportunities to have them on our property with great success . They can do anything from the easy to the very challenging tree climbing and removal. Jon is an expert about everything trees and most of all loves and respects them. I do highly recommend them and their service.

Cathy E.

In Yankee Tree, we finally found a tree service that specializes in caring for trees, not cutting them down. We were completely satisfied with their recommendations and their work.


Reliable experts make it look easy. Not a single dent in the lawn or any damage, great at what they do!

J. Chandler

Good communication about work that needed to be done. Excellent job under difficult circumstances.

D. McMorrow, President, East Neck Cemetery Society

Just a short note to thank you for the excellent work you and your team provided provided for us earlier this month. The tree removal and tree trimming work we asked to be done was professionally and efficiently executed within the scheduled time and estimated cost and we appreciate the outstanding service. Your team demonstrated a superb work ethic and their performance was well coordinated and safely executed, with careful attention paid to avoid any collateral impact with our rock wall, deer fence, or adjacent trees/shrubs. You had all the right tools, and the professionals to use them, to get the job done “just right”. Thank you for a “job well done” and we look forward to working with you and your team the next time we need arborist services.

J. Padgett, RADM, USN (Ret)

I can’t tell you how grateful my mother and I are for all that you did for us…She wants you to know how very happy – really happy – she is with the work you did and that you made this a priority in what I know is a busy time for you…She was impressed, not just with you and the amazing way you handled all this, with your crew. You saved us from what could have been a real disaster. Thank you!!

A. Pawlina

The East Neck Cemetery Society recently hired Yankee Tree Company to remove several problematic trees…They arrived when they said they would, and went right to work. They arrived with a full crew as discussed in the quote for the four-day project. They were prompt, and properly equipped to attack our project. In our situation, we were dealing with trees overhanging from a neighboring property, and threatening damage to many old gravestones, many of which would be irreplaceable if damaged. Jon and his ENTIRE crew, was extremely careful as well as respectful, in the work they did….Everyone on the ground working one step ahead of the other, it was obvious to me that they had worked so much together that the job of others was known by the entire crew.

If you have tough trees and difficult terrain, these are your guys…I highly recommend Jon and his entire Yankee Tree staff for your project, big or small. Thank you Yankee Tree for your wonderful service.

J. Dimmock, Superintendent, East Neck Cemetery Society

Jon and his team provide excellent tree and yard advice with the ability to professionally execute their well thought out plans. A first class arborist that keeps the grounds looking excellent year round for over a decade. My highest recommendation!


I have been using arborists to maintain the trees on my property for many years. The experience in years before having Yankee Tree do the work was always an angst filled time. Since Yankee Tree has been caring for my trees, I have had nothing but satisfaction for what has transpired. The workmanship of the crew and the care of my property while doing the work is exceptional. When the project is completed one would never know all of that large equipment had been on the land. I no longer suffer angst when “the tree men” arrive. I highly recommend Yankee Tree.

Gail H.

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